Extreme conditions experiments in Lille

Laser micro-machining

Laser machining system

The lab includes a laser-machining system, developed by Alphanov at the Université de Bordeaux.

The system is used for the preparation of diamond anvil cell experiments. Those experiments require drilling holes down do 50 μm in diameter. The samples, themselves, are 10 to 30  μm in diameter. Preparing those objects by hand is extraordinary lengthy and difficult.

In addition, other experiments such as large volume press experiments require the preparation of many identical pieces. Once calibrated, our system allows producing tens of identical objects.

The system includes a pulsed-laser with 300 ps pulses with a repetition rate of 500 Hz and 45 μJ per pulse. It also includes X, Y, and Z motorized translation stages with a 50 mm range and a precision below 1 μm. The whole system is connected to a computer allowing sharp and reproducible machining.