Extreme conditions experiments in Lille

ARCHI-CM Project

The ARCHI-CM project aims to respond to societal challenges in the fields of the bio-economy, the response to energy challenges and advanced materials. It is an interdisciplinary project, whose scientific specificity lies in the combination of architecture concepts both to produce innovative materials (functional block assemblies, multi-scale texturing, …) and to induce original chemical reactivities (confined environments, multifunctional catalysts, …).

The Institut Michel-Eugène Chevreul  was leading the ARCHI-CM Project (Chemistry and Architectural Materials) which was selected and subsidized within the framework of the 2014-2020 State-Regional Plan Contract. It is a structuring project which is centered on the perimeter of the Institute’s laboratories (UCCS, UMET, LASIR and MSAP) and which mobilizes a significant part of the Chemistry and Materials sector (approximately 80 FTEs).

The ARCHI-CM project help purchasing numerous equipments in the High Pressure Lab, such as:

  • presses:
  • tools for sample and experiment preparations:
    • a laser machining system,
    • a micro-manipulor.

This project was co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.